Sunday, May 1, 2011


NUMBER: 2011-022
DATE:  04-30-2011

Drove down to Harrisburg to spend the day on Clarks Saturday.  The first two hours of the day myself and several other members of my TU Chapter (Doc Fritchey TU) cleaned up the highway along the two mile Special Regulation section that we adopted last year.  It always amazes me how big of slobs people can be.  We cleaned this stretch only 6 months ago, and while “it wasn’t as bad” as last year, we still managed to completely fill the bed of my truck with trash….and this is just 2 miles of road!  Unbelievable!!!  

After the clean up, Dennis, Archie and I hit the creek.  While the water was up, it was only slightly off color.  Fishing was somewhat slow, but we did manage a good number of fish swinging buggers.  Most were stockies, but a few nice native brookies and 2 small wild browns.  Not a bad day all in all, especially considering the high water conditions everywhere.  

On another note, a friend of mine (Ryan Davey, of AEG Trout Bum Diaries fame) is trying to secure funding to make a film the headwaters of Alaska’s Bristol Bay.  The film will capture the experience of flying in bush planes, jet boating, rafting remote rivers, and exploring the Alaskan wilderness in an area that would be directly  affected if the proposed Pebble Mine Project were to be allowed to move forward.  Check out the site he has set up describing the project and where you can make a donation to get it rolling.   Any amount will help greatly. 

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