Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Trout Tails - September 24, 2014

Hard to believe another year has gone by, but last week was our annual Yellowstone trip.  Water flows were up some this year from all the recent snow and rain, and it was a little weird to still see everything so green.  Spent most of the week on the Yellowstone inside the park.  We found some really nice pockets of beefy cuts that were more than willing to eat hoppers.  As usual, saw almost no one else on the water, especially if we were more than a half mile from the car, which is just about always (usually more like 2-3 miles).  We even had the Gallatin River all to ourselves the one day we fished it.  The Lamar didn't fish quite as well this year as it has in years past, but there was still quite a few cooperative fish.  Even managed a few decent sized browns out of our favorite holes on the Gardiner, not to mention a plethora of some of the biggest whitefish I have ever seen :P

The weather was great, minus two days when the thunderstorms rolled in, in the afternoon.  Both days, we were able to hunker down and wait for a clearing, then audible to another creek to salvage the rest of the day.  The second one actually gave us Soda Butte all to ourselves, and a nice evening olive hatch!  Hard to beat catching 18 inch cuts on size 18 flies, without another living soul around.  

As always, wildlife everywhere.  We always have to laugh when we talk to people in the parking lots who are looking to see wildlife.  Get out of the car, go for a walk!  Over the years, we have run into more bear, moose, wolves, elk, antelope,eagles, etc. than I can count.  Although, I could probably do without the bear sightings. 

We also took a good bit of video, and if I have enough to make a 5 minute clip, I'll try to get it up soon.  We did have one camera causality though.  One day a big thunderstorm rolled in on us when we were a couple miles in on the Yellowstone and blew the tripod over.  Of course the lens landed right on a rock.  Appears to just be the lens cover though, so I should be able to repair it.  

I have to give a plug to Sage, I've been using their Typhoon Large waist pack for a couple years now.  It is the only bag I have been able to find that gives good back support and has a truly submersible pocket that will fit the DSLR camera with an extra lens.  I'm also able to get all my fly boxes in the front waterproof (non-submersible) pocket.  In all, my pack usually weighs in at close to 20+ lbs when I'm on the water!!!  It is a lot of weight, but if you want the photos, you have to carry it.  Not only can the Typhoon carry everything I need, the way it is designed, it fits high and tight on your lower back, and the extra should strap adds even more support for long days and long hikes.  It has been a god send, especially out here!!  If anyone is looking for a quality hip pack, I highly recommend it!  I know TCO can get them for anyone interested. 

Ok, I guess that's enough text.  Hope everyone enjoys some of the photos!

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