Tuesday, March 27, 2012

TROUT TAILS - March 27, 2012

NUMBER: 2012-003
DATE:  3-23-2012

With a forecast of an 80 degree day in March, Brad and I drove up to the Little J.  There were a good number of bugs coming off (grannonms, BWOs, black stones, and even Hendricksons!), but the fish were not real active.  There were also a lot of guys on the water, but the slow fishing had most of them off the water shortly after lunch.  We managed a dozen or so fish, all fat!  There is obviously plenty of food swimming around.  Even saw a few fish feed on top and chase emergers 3 feet into the air.  Can’t believe this weather in March.  Seems like all the hatches are going to be about a month early this year if this keeps up.  

On Saturday, Doc Fritchey Trout Unlimited had their annual fundraising banquet.  There was a great turnout of around 130 people and we managed to raise a good bit of money that will be used for some great causes, including our upcoming stream work and disabled veterans’ fishing day.  The cutthroat prints raised several hundred dollars that will be donated to Eastern Yellowstone TU for the annihilation of the Lake Trout in Yellowstone lake.  My presentation for the Ceremonial Order of the Net seemed to be well received as well.  It was a good night, with good people, for a worthy cause, and free beer never hurts either. 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

TROUT TAILS - March 13, 2012

I usually don't use this space for things like these, despite the number of them I am involved in, but this one hits close to my heart.  I fish Yellowstone every year, and can't imagine a year without traveling to this magical land.  I know a lot of people who either fish here every year, or dream of fishing here at some point in the future.  As an active member of Doc Fritchey TU in Harrisburg, PA, a lot of times we concentrate our efforts locally, as we should, but every once and a while an issue presents itself that transcends geographical boundaries and calls for all trout fisherman to unite behind a common goal.  I believe this is one of those times.  

The Eastern Yellowstone Chapter of TU is looking to help eradicate the lake trout from Yellowstone Lake and restore the Yellowstone Cuts to populations reminiscent of days past.  You can read more about their efforts here .  Any donation would be greatly appreciated, and help to restore a truly magnificent species.  Additionally, I will be auctioning off a limited edition print of a Yellowstone Cut at this years Doc Fritchey TU  Banquet, which the Chapter will match the final auction price, to the Yellowstone Chapter for use towards this worthy cause.  Please come to the banquet and bid or make an independent donation.  Any amount will be greatly appreciated.  Lets all ban together to help restore/protect a wonderful resource! 

Print for Auction

Sunday, March 4, 2012

TROUT TAILS - March 4, 2012

NUMBER: 2012-002
DATE:  3-1&2-2012
LOCATION:  Lake Erie Tribs

My Dad, Brad and I drove up to Erie Weds night and my friends John and Steve came up Thursday night.  We were met with rain storms the whole drive up, which brought the creeks up to a good level, but turned them off color.  Fishing was a little slow in the morning on Thursday, but as the day went on and the water began to drop, the bite picked up.  The three of us managed to land about a dozen and a half, and probably lost 6-12.   Friday was a beautiful day, but the fishing was slow.  Everyone caught a few fish but we definitely didn’t light the world on fire.  Towards evening, the winds began to pick up and the rain started again.  Saturday we woke up to 20-30 mph winds with gusts up to 60 mph.  It made the waves on the lake pretty impressive, but it much killed the idea of getting a few hours in before the trip home.  Time to put the 8 weights away and get ready for spring!