Sunday, June 19, 2011


NUMBER: 2011-027-028
DATE:  06-11-12-2011

Saturday was the DFTU’s ( ) 3rd annual Home Waters Veteran Fly-Fishing day and Sunday was the first annual Women’s Fly-Fishing day. The weather was less than cooperative to say the least.  Heavy rain Friday night blew out the creek and just about the time it had cleared on Sunday morning, another huge thunderstorm rolled in and dumped another couple inches of water.  Thankfully, the pond on Ed’s property fished well all weekend.  There were quite a few Vets and women who were trying their hand at fly fishing for the first time and really picked it up quick.   Everyone had a really great time and I expect to see many familiar faces again next year.


Casting Instruction from Tom Brtalik
  First fish on a fly

NUMBER: 2011-029
DATE:  06-17-2011

Brad and I hit up Fishing Creek for the day on Friday.   Fishing was slow for most of the day, managed a few nymphing with caddis and stone patterns and a couple on dries.  Caught a nice Tiger Trout about midday, been about 2 years since my last one!  Towards evening, the hatch activity started to pick up, and by dusk, there were stones and caddis everywhere!  The trout finally started to get active and we caught a good number on stimi’s and caddis nymphs, including a pretty good fish just at dark.  There was also a good amount of spinner activity, but by dark they were still well above the water surface.