Monday, January 2, 2012

TROUT TAILS - January 2, 2012

NUMBER: 2011-59-60
DATE:  12-24&30-2011
LOCATION:  NC PA/State College

Fishing has been pretty slow lately.  Hoping to take a few days in January and head back up till Erie, but until then I have been wandering around some mountain freestone streams and spring creeks with my new addition….Meet Adipose (Adi).  So far she has done great on the water and she even visited the TCO shop in State College this weekend.  Reminder, George’s new book “Dynamic Nymphing”( ) is out and you can pick up copies at the shops or online.  Also, check out Paul’s blog at .  Both good reads, especially while the fishing is slow. 

Should be an interesting 2012!  Hope everyone had a great holiday.