Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Trout Tails - May 23, 2012

NUMBER: 2012-008
DATE:  5-(19-20)-2012
LOCATION:  Northcentral PA

Spent the weekend with Herb Baker on some small tribs, in search of native brookies.  It was a great three days, and we explored some beautiful new water and caught some of the biggest and fattest brookies I have ever caught.  Even started planning the next trip to Chile…..come on February!!!!!!!!!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Trout Tails - May 7, 2012

NUMBER: 2012-007
DATE:  5-(4-6)-2012
LOCATION:  Northcentral PA

Spent the weekend chasing around some wild brookies.  Never thought I would be wet wading in May, but Friday was absolutely gorgeous and Brad and I hit up a little brookie stream up north.  A fairly decent yellow stone hatch had the fish pretty active, and we did well on top all day.  Went back up Sunday and fishing was a little slower, but picked up as the day went on.  No rattlesnakes yet, but after Friday’s weather, I am starting to check where I stick my hands when climbing the cliffs.