Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Chile 2020

This year's trip to Tierra del Fuego was not without its travel issues.  Everything went smoothly on the way down, but 3 days into the trip, major screw ups by the airlines and Hotwire's horrendous customer service made for a long and interesting trip home.  Getting an email telling you to call immediately because one of your flights has been canceled when you are literally at the bottom of the world is not a fun experience.  Thankfully there is some cellular service on the island now, and long story short, numerous emails, phone calls, and hours on hold, I got to fly to Toronto to get to Baltimore on the way home, and Herb went to Baltimore via Miami (the original plan), all because of a flight number change. A few days later, a leaking diesel pump also threw a wrench into the operation.

As for the fishing, well its almost always good, but this year we caught some real monsters.  I'll let the photos tell the rest of the story.  Estancia Cameron Lodge is a special place, it is why we have been going there for so many years.  If anyone is interested in booking a trip down, contact me, and I can get you set up!

The Lodge.  For more images, including the inside, click here
View of the Rio Grande from the Lodge
The Leaking Fuel Pump.....but it held till the end.

The Spring Creeks
The spring creeks on the property are what drives me, only 10-20 feet wide, and every turn (not an exaggeration) has a 18-20+ inch is surreal 

There never is a ton of Rainbows, but in spots, there are some nice ones. 

It is just amazing to me, that 20 inch fish come out of stuff like this.  The fish above was from this run. 

The Big River (Rio Grande) 

Setting up for some filming. 
Love how the river oxbows

Sea Run
No Exaggerations

Herb has been coming here so long, they have holes named after him haha

The Lakes 

28-29 inches, 12lbs



El Zoro



King Penguins

Feeding time


 Not so Wildlife

Camp Life

Fresas del diablo (strawberries of the devil).  They look cool under a macro lens, but they are a royal pain.....stick to everything! 

Road Life

Estancia San Gregorio

Until next time