Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Trout Tails - September 19, 2018

Spent 2 weeks this year in Yellowstone and Montana.  I'm still processing photos, and may put some more up later, but here are a few that I have finished.  Weather was great this year, and the fishing was pretty good most days.  There was smoke from mainly the Bacon Rind Fire along the Gallatin, but it wasn't horrible most days. We did have a few days were the fishing was a little slow and had to audible to another creek to "save the day".  Brad and I had one particularly stellar day on Soda Butte throwing Green Drakes and Baetis.  It would have been even better if I had any size 22s instead of 18s, but they were close enough to take a few fish during the Baetis hatch the last hour of the day.

Hope you enjoy the photos, i tried to not reduce the size too much.  I have a few more I'll try and get up soon.

Weamer Lives! Hit him up here if you are looking to float the Yellowstone or surrounding area!

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Trout Tails - July 8, 2018

It's always about the fish, but it is also always about where fishing takes you.  Spent the weekend exploring some creeks in Northcentral/Northwest PA.  Some recent thunderstorms have provided some much needed water to some streams, but other valleys are still in dire need of some rain.  Remember, if the water is over 67 degrees, find another stream, chase warm water species, tie flies, but leave the trout alone.  Last weekend, I watched people hammering on stressed trout just trying to breathe that were stacked at the mouths of the tribs on Big Pine.  Catch and release doesn't do any good if they just swim off to die.

Monday, May 28, 2018

Trout Tails - May 8, 2018

All the rain has made floating pretty good the last few weeks.  It has also kept the brookie streams in good shape.  We better keep getting rain if the temps are going to stay in the 80's.  I saw the first rattlesnake of the year on Friday, wasn't able to snap a photo as we were in a spot where we never would have been able to get the anchor to hold, but he was right on the water's edge.  Here are a few photos from this weekend.