Sunday, May 13, 2018

Trout Tails - May 13. 2018

Got some fishing in and finally some decent dry fly fishing the last couple weeks before the rain set in yesterday.  Creeks in northcentral PA are going to be high/blown out for while, but we could use the rain to keep the flows nice as we start heading into summer.   It has been an odd spring, but the hatches and fishing are definitely picking up.  Still seeing lots of caddis and March Browns and the  Green Drakes should be right around the corner.

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Trout Tails - April 29. 2018

Did a little floating in Pine Creek Valley Friday.  The cloudy weather made the streamer bite good, but cold and rain kept most of the bug activity to a minimum.  I did actually see some grannoms, march browns, and hendricksons, but it was spotty and nothing was really moving to the surface.  I have a feeling everything is going to hatch at once up here in northcentral PA.  With the weather this coming week, minus the snow coming tonight, fishing should be pretty good the next few days.  Hope everyone is getting out and enjoying some time on the water.

Friday, April 20, 2018

Trout Tails - April 20, 2018

So winter is finally gone on the East coast.?  Summer was here last weekend, and we took advantage by getting out the boats and trying to anticipate a grannom hatch that obviously is screwed up this year.  Got a few good days of fishing in, before the rain, snow, and winter came back.  Didn't catch a pile of fish and the bugs never materialized, but there was enough action to keep it interesting and definitely had a good time hanging out with good friends, which is really what it is all about.  I've been going stir crazy the last few months, especially with all the politics going on in PA right now regarding PFBC, license fees, legislation to oust our Executive Director, etc.  A few days on the water was much needed!  Looks like the weather is finally going to break here and the on-stream therapy can begin.

Monday, March 19, 2018

Sportsman Forum

Saturday I attended the last of PFBC’s Sportsman Forums.  Several presentations were given on various functions of the PFBC such as the un-assessed waters program, stocking program, law enforcement, engineering and maintenance (think dams, docks, and parking lots), as well as a detailed discussion on the budgetary needs.  It also appears there is a big push to expand fishing as a sport and to try and get more people involved through various educational programs and marketing efforts.  This seems like a step in the right direction to me. 

I found it interesting that of the 6 forums, this was only the second where Representatives from the State’s Legislature were in attendance (Representatives Wheeland and Everett).  Given the recent issues surrounding funding for the PFBC, the stocking program,  and SB 935 (which is an attempt to forcibly remove Director Arway from his position by creating an 8 year term limit on the position and replace him with an appointee), one would think there would be at least some interest in the discussions at these forums.  I guess it just goes to show how little fishing really matters to a lot of our elected officials despite the 1.2 billion dollars of revenue it generates in PA each year. I’ve been told Rep. Wheeland is in support of a funding increase for PFBC and opposed to SB 935.  Rep Everett appears to also support a funding increase but believes Arway needs to go to get it, to the point of threatening to sue to make it happen (

From the presentations and discussions before and after the forum, my take was that the direction PFBC would like to go in regards to trout is to phase out stocking of trout over wild trout and allocate those fish/resources elsewhere, i.e. areas of low to no wild trout presence in order to increase recreational opportunities and hopefully grow the sport.  Obviously, this will not be an overnight undertaking as stocked trout are a big deal in PA.  This is evidenced by the reaction to closing down a hatchery and removing 220,000 trout from the over 3.2 million PFBC stocks each year.  I am not going to rehash my previous post from the Wild Trout Summit in its entirety, but want to again stress that this is going to take time and education as well as the wild trout crowd advocating for these changes.  This includes making your voice heard to your Representatives on issues like allowing PFBC to control their license fees and killing bills like SB 935.  Also, I encourage everyone to show up to meetings such as this and the one that occurred regarding Penns Creek a couple weeks back and let your voice be heard. 

Monday, March 12, 2018

Yellowston Presentation

For those in the NE Pennsylvania area who are interested, I will be at SCTU's monthly Chapter meeting to present on fly fishing Yellowstone National Park.  Hope to see you there!

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Steelhead 2017

Well, we missed the rain at the beginning of the week, but we still managed some fish.  Water was low but had some color Friday, and got progressively clearer by today.  Probably should have concentrated on some of the bigger tribs, but when you have a stream a half a block from where you are staying that has a decent amount of fish, it is hard to motivate yourself to drive somewhere else.  We have had better days up there, but we have definitely had worse.  A couple good sized fish each day, mixed with a few smaller ones.  Surprisingly, no browns this year.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Yellowstone/MT 2017

Luckily there were no fires in Yellowstone this year.  Unfortunately, the rest of western Montana has been dealing with fires everywhere.  The trip started off in the upper 80's, with smoke and haze.  Most of the smoke had blown out by the third day, and by the eighth, winter set in.  With highs in the mid 30's and rain and snow, we were forced to wear our waders for the first time in like four years.  It did wonders for the fires though, so I'll take it.

Overall, fishing was a little slower than years past as we stubbornly persisted to throw terrestrials whether the trout wanted to eat them or not.  Plenty of fish were still caught, but definitely not as fast paced as years past.  Towards the end of the week when the rain and snow set in, we switched over to mainly streamers and went hog hunting.  Caught some nice sized fished, but the 24'+ lake runs eluded us this year.

We also took a day mid week that looked like it was going to be overcast to chase big fish on the Madison with my friend Alice Owsley from Riverside Anglers.  We managed a few nice fish, but the skies cleared and the sun came out, and kind of killed our monster hunt.  If anyone is looking for a trip down the Madison, or in the park, I highly recommend you contact Alice.  She lives and breathes fishing in the Yellowstone area.

As always, below are a few photos.  Hope you enjoy!

A little de-ice action before heading home