Monday, June 11, 2012

Trout Tails - June 11, 2012

NUMBER: 2012-009
DATE:  6-(9-10)-2012

Spent the weekend on Clarks with my TU Chapter, Doc Fritchey TU, for our annual Home Waters Event and Ladies Day.  Both events were big successes.  We had about 20 Vets and 11 ladies this year.  Everyone involved had a great time, and for once we had some very beautiful weather for both days.  I think everyone is already looking forward to next year.

Day one (Home Waters) started with me demonstrating some casting techniques, a short talk from Karl Lutz (PFBC Habitat Management), and a great lunch.  After lunch, we got everyone on the stream or pond for some fishing.  A good number of fish were caught at both areas, and some of the Vets really picked up the technique quick.  A few guys, who had never even casted before, stroked quite a few fish by day’s end.  After a few hours of fishing, everyone enjoyed a grilled chicken dinner before calling it a night……well some of the guides might have stuck around to pick on a few stockies after everyone else left  ;)  I also think Adi got just about everyone to throw a stick for her at some point during the day.  

Day two (Ladies Day) started with an aquatic entomology lesson by Kim Patten of the Chesapeake Bay Foundation and some casting lessons from Brian Shumaker from Susquehanna River Guides .  After that, it was off to the water.  The hot weather seemed to have the fish less active, but there were a few willing participants, and just about everyone caught a fish.  A big thanks to all the Vets, Ladies, and DFTU members and Guides for everything.  Can’t wait till next year!