Saturday, May 28, 2011

TROUT TAILS - MAY 28, 2011

NUMBER: 2011-024-026
DATE:  05-19-21-2011

Brad and I left Harrisburg Wednesday around 330 and drove to the Smokies.  Arrived Thursday around 430am and camped in the parking lot until day break.  At daybreak, we loaded up our 50+lb packs and hiked the four miles to our campsite.  After a brutal hike, we set up camp and hit the creek.  A TON of midges were coming off and a decent number of yellow stones, caddis, and some large yellow drakes.  We fished for three days, mainly hitting the pocket water with dry attractor patterns and caught a lot of fish, mostly 8-10 inch rainbows with a few browns mixed in.   Check out some of the photos below and there is even a little video, just starting to play with the editing software, so hopefully they will get better as time goes on.  It appears this site compresses the video quality, as it was HD when I uploaded it.

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