Sunday, April 17, 2011

TROUT TAILS - APR 17, 2011

NUMBER: 2011-015-021
DATE:  04-10-16-2011
Spent a week in Shenandoah National Park fishing with Dennis and Brad chasing native brookies, a few wild browns, and exploring.  We had several days of good dry fly fishing and temps in the 80’s in the beginning of the week.  Some rain mid week and a slight temperature drop forced a little nymphing, and even some streamer fishing.  Fishing was a little slow in the mornings, but seemed to really pick up as the day went on.  The colder winter this year seemed to have the creeks a week or so behind, but there was a decent amount on insect activity in the afternoons that seemed to get the fish at least willing to take dries, even if they were not extremely active on top.  We also explored a lot of new water, including one day on a really cool canyon creek where we descended 1500 feet in about a half mile to get to the stream…although, the way down was the easy part.  On the last day (Saturday), heavy rain and thunderstorms set in, but we still managed to get a good half day of fishing in on another steep canyon stream.   Made for some good views of the water falls, but by about noon the creek started to flash and we had to get to higher ground and off the water.   When we had arrived in the morning, we made a smart decision to NOT park in a pull off across a small trib to the creek we were fishing…by the time we had made it back down stream, we found that the trib had washed over the road.  Thankfully we were able to wade our way across, dodging a few logs, but made it to the other side safe and sound.  Probably would not have made it 30 mins later.   The short day allowed us to head back to the hotel and relax with a little southern bbq.  Another great week in the Blue Ridge Mountains, looking forward to next year.

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