Monday, April 21, 2014

Trout Tails - April 21, 2014

Brad and I headed up to the Little J. Thursday for a couple days to try and hit the grannoms.  Seems like everything is going to be behind this year.  Only saw a few grannoms, some olives, and a few hendricksons (no, really there were hendricksons on the LJ!).  Almost zero dry fly action, had to nymph them up from the depths, more weight the better.  Fish came to the net, but you had to work a bit for them, especially friday afternoon.  It was good to fish without the guides icing for a change!  Seems like spring is finally here.  I'm sure the hatches will be going strong soon.  Saw a pile a stone flies last week on the Loyalsock and the olives and caddis have been on spring for a couple weeks now too.  Also hearing reports of black stones on Penns.

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