Sunday, March 16, 2014

Trout Tails - March 16, 2014

Last night was our (Doc Fritchey TU's) annual fundraising banquet.  As always, it was a great turnout, and it was great to see so many of our members and guests come to support what we do, cold water conservation, education, and outreach.  With the weather finally starting to break, I'm sure most of us have been out fishing, or are getting ready.  Don't forget to set some time aside to give back to the resource we all use.  I encourage everyone to not only join an organization like TU, but get involved!  While sending in your membership dues helps, we need to take an active roll in what these organizations hope to accomplish.  Show up for a work day, help with stream restoration work, participate in teaching children how to fish and about the resource we all love.   A special thanks to TCO flyshops, Fisknat Landing Nets, and the long list of sponsors and volunteers that that made last night's event a success! 

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