Monday, April 23, 2012

Trout Tails - April 23,2012

NUMBER: 2012-006
DATE:  4-(20-22)-2012
LOCATION:  Penns Creek

Spent a couple days fishing/camping up on Penns.  Water was LOW and a little warm (62) for this time of year.  Fishing was a little slow in the mornings, pretty much nymphed most of the day(s).  Had some good March Brown spinners just before evening on Friday, and for a little while on Saturday evening, but the rain late on Saturday pretty much put an end to that.  Also saw some BWOs, sulphurs, caddis, and a few crane flies around. Ran into a few friends on the water that I haven’t seen for a while, which is always nice.  I also have been wondering what it takes to wear out the pup, 3 full days of fishing seemed to do it. 

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