Saturday, April 14, 2012

TROUT TAILS - April 14, 2012

NUMBER: 2012-005
DATE:  4-14-2012
LOCATION:  Little Bear Creek

Went out on the “first day” to observe the carnage.  We took John’s two daughters out to see if we could put them on a few stockies.  Arrived to find a circus (expected), but we did see quite a few kids which was good.   Although, we did watch a 70 year old guy muscle aside John’s 6 & 8 year old daughters out of muddle puddle of a hole we were trying to fish.  Decided to head downstream, and thankfully found a pod of fish.  They both caught their first trout and a good number of them.  Even got to teach them about catch and release after they had a few on the stringer.  It was a interesting and good couple hours.  The cans of corn and powerbait were out in full force!  Especially liked the guy with the giant fillet knife at the ready (his face as been blocked to protect the innocent).  Amazing to watch grown men fight over space on a stream flowing at about 20cfs for stockies.  

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