Tuesday, November 22, 2011

TROUT TAILS - November 22, 2011

NUMBER: 2011-054-58
DATE:  11-16-20-2011
Fished the Erie tribs last week for five days with Herb and Brett.  Conditions started off perfect on weds with water levels on the drop from recent rains.  Did very well all day as the fish were actively moving and aggressive.  Thursday was a little slow with the water clearing and dropping overnight.  We only managed a couple fish each.  Some late day snow melt on Friday surprisingly picked things up and we had our best day of the week catching well over several dozen fish between the three of us.  Saturday and Sunday brought some crowds, but we were able to catch a decent number of fish each day and everyone was polite…for the most part  We did run into two guys at the end of the day on Saturday that the concept of stream etiquette escaped them completely.  I understand there are going to be crowds, but if you come across someone fishing and you and them are the ONLY ones on the creek for MILES in either direction, and they can touch you with their rod tip, YOU ARE TOO CLOSE!   This was Herb’s first trip to Erie and we had him in a run where he was getting into a good number of fish (they were on the move, and EVERYWHERE)!  Two guys came up stream with about ½ hour of daylight left, told us they had been pounding fish, then started fishing right next to Herb…again, fish all over just downstream of him and everyone else was gone.  After Herb hooks into another one, Brett goes downstream to net it, and the one guy tries to now jump into Brett’s spot and looked at me like I was crazy when I “politely” asked him to move.  99.9% of the people I run into up there are usually great, too bad the other 0.1% are around.   All and all though a great trip, and can’t wait to get back up!


  1. Nice fish, Bill. The cold weather should thin out 0.1%

  2. Haha thanks man. Yeah, the cold tends to thin the heard!