Monday, November 14, 2011

TROUT TAILS - November 14, 2011

NUMBER: 2011-048-049
DATE:  10-29-30-2011
LOCATION:  North-central PA

 Been tough to get any reports out lately, been spending a ton of time on the water…love fall!  Here are a couple of some of the more recent trips. 

Spent a few days two weekends ago with my friend Herb Baker, chasing some browns around in north central PA.  We haven’t fished together since Chile, so it was nice to finally hit some water together.  Dealt with cold, rain, and snow most of Saturday, but had nice weather Sunday.  We managed to find a few big cooperative fish, including a beautiful 22 incher, and got some cool underwater shots.  Nice weekend on the stream with a good friend.  Also, nice to have another photographer along!  

NUMBER: 2011-050-53
DATE:  11-10-13-2011

Brad and I headed up to Erie for a few days.  Water conditions are tough!!!  Water is extremely low and clear!  Fine tippets and small flies/egg patterns were the key.  Caught 4-6 fish each/each day, which we considered great with the conditions.  Caught one hog of a male on Saturday that had to weigh 10lbs or better.  Leaves are also a major issue right now.  Need some rain to flush the creeks and bring the water up so the fish can move.  Looks like some rain is in the forecast for early this week, but not much….plan on heading back up Wednesday.  Hopefully the creeks rise some! 

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