Friday, March 3, 2017

Chile 2017

It was a different year down south for sure this year.  We were plagued by car troubles and less than ideal fishing conditions (which really isn't uncommon in TDF), but we never were able to really get a break from the wind.  In the small spring creeks we fish, the browns are big, and they will eat anything......but the water is clear and they are spooky.  The wind forced us to fish most days downstream, which is usually a losing proposition.  We did catch fish every day, but some days were a struggle compared to years past.  We also had a couple days where it seemed like we could do no wrong, including one day (actually 5 hours) where we caught over 100 brookies, all between 16-19 inches.  Craziest thing I've ever seen.   Hope to have some video done in the next couple weeks.  We shot 1000's of photos and hours of video, as usual, and I'm still going through it all.  Here are a few of the stills from this year's trip.....scroll to bottom for the fish porn.

Loaded up, and ready to go. 

Fishing Day 1, minor set back when the wheel came off....that's  Thankfully we had some spare lug nuts.  Limped it back to town for repairs.

Camp Food vs Non-Camp Food (King crab and spinach stuffed lasagna)


Break Time

The Day of the Brook Trout





No Fishing with Worms

Fish Porn


Until Next Year

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