Sunday, September 20, 2015

Trout Tails - September 20, 2015

This year's Yellowstone trip was definitely a little odd/different than years past.  It started early, the first 5 minutes on the water, we had a 300lb black bear run right in front of us on the other side of the stream.  Seemed odd to me that he was running, but figured maybe he saw or winded us, even though he didn't seem to be paying any attention to what we were doing.  A few hundred yards upstream, we came across an elk carcass, and got out of the area.  The next day when we were talking to the ranger, we found out there has been a black and grizzly in the area.  I suspect I know what made him run.  So that section of stream was done for the beginning of the week. 

We have been doing this trip for years, and have always lucked out on the weather, until this year.  While we have had some snow and the random thunderstorm, we rarely encounter much rain in September.  The first three days were in the 80's and sunny, but by Tuesday, the rain had arrived with a vengeance, dropping the daily highs to the low 40's, and low 30's with snow at elevation.  With the low water and wild fires in the area though, the rain was much needed, and it was hard to be too upset about it. Fishing in the 30s-40s in the rain all day, really makes you question your sanity sometimes.   It also makes you question why you carry 20lbs of camera gear around all day, when you probably won't be able to take it out without destroying it. 

We had some pretty decent hopper and dry fishing early in the week.  The rain pretty much killed that, and blew out the NE corner of the park, making us seek other options.  Sometimes what looks like a curse, is really a blessing in disguise.  We spent a lot of time on water that we usually don't fish, or only hit for a day.  With the rain and clouds, it was the perfect time to work the banks with streamers.  While we didn't catch fish by the dozens, the ones we did catch were all good size.  The cloudy weather also had the olives coming off sporadically, which made for some great fishing in 30 minute clips between rain storms. 

In the end, it was another great trip, despite, or because of, the weather.  I did manage to get the camera out for a few photos, hope you enjoy.  Already looking forward to next year's trip!
The catch of the trip
The release

Cutty came along for the ride
Love this town

They pretty much killed our chances on 3 of our favorite holes on the Lamar, but it was worth it. 

Ever feel like you are being watched?

There was actually a deep hole in there

Some olive action

Not as big as the day before, but it will work

What was left of the snow on Friday.