Monday, November 18, 2013

Trout Tails - November 18, 2013

I have spent most of the fall bird hunting due to the low water and poor fishing conditions in my favorite fall brown trout locations.  The pheasant hunting has been good, but I was itching to do some fishing.  Brad and I decided to head up to Erie to check out the tribs for a couple days.  It always amazes me how good of a time you can have, even when the trip doesn't turn out as planned. 

Day one started out with cold air and water temps.  Broke a rod before even leaving the parking lot!  Not off to a good start.  Despite good color, the cold water really had the fish sluggish.  We did manage a few the first two days, but did not light the world on fire by any stretch. 

The last two days gave way to warmer air and water temps, which definitely had the fish more active, but the water had cleared substantially.  They were spooky, but if you could manage not to spook them, they were willing to eat.  At some point in the last ten minutes of the trip, and I guess it was good it was the last ten minutes, I managed to drop my fly box in the drink somewhere....there goes 300 flies.  Thankfully it was mainly glo-bugs and spawn and in about 2 hours last night I already replaced half of them.  All in all though a good trip.  Hope to get back up this winter at some point.  Honestly it felt a little odd steelhead fishing in the mid 50's the last two days. 

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