Sunday, July 14, 2013

Trout Tails - July 14, 2013

Brad and I have been trying to get to the Schuylkill the last couple weeks, but all the thunderstorms have kept the waters high and off color.  Friday, we finally got our chance.  Left "bright" and early and were on the water by around 830.  The Schuylkill is a river that has historically been abused, but has made a great comeback.  We pounded fish all day...easily each caught at least 50 fish each!  Smallmouth, decent sized fall fish, rock bass, a couple sunnies, even a brown and a rainbow.  We caught just about everything except a toothy critter.  Also saw some some monster catfish and carp, but couldn't get them to eat.  It seemed like we had a fish on about every 5th cast, it was unreal.  Brad had one monster of a fish on early, that pulled the boat across the stream, but it ran him under a down tree along the bank, made one monster splash, and it was over.  All we saw was a big white belly.  Steady rain all afternoon kept the photos at a minimum, but didn't effect the fishing at all. 

The way to fish this is definitely to float it, and no one knows the water better than Jake Villwock at TCO Reading.  If you are looking to fish here, I highly recommend you give him a call (610-678-1899) and book a float!!!  Check out Jake's blog for some photos from a few of his trips.  Here are some shots I got from ours before the rain made me hide the camera for the day. 

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